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So what is this Richard Goodman’s Newsletter? Well, it’s words I write on a semi-regular basis about all sorts of things. You can see a selection under “What I write about” below. My first book was French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France. The San Francisco Chronicle said it’s “one of the most charming, perceptive, and subtle books ever written about the French by an American.” (See book photo below for proof of said quote.) I’d like to believe them.

I’ve written three other books, including A New York Memoir, The Bicycle Diaries: One New Yorker’s Journey Through 9-11 and a book about writing.

I’m working on a book about aging now. I’m learning, and aging, more as we speak.

I’ve actually written about a ton of different things through the years. The only thing that guides me is my curiosity and passion and, sometimes, a deadline. I’ve written about my stolen bicycle for The New York Times; about crabbing in southeastern Virginia when I was a boy; about living in the French Quarter in New Orleans; about growing old and finding a version of Hemingway’s clean, well-lighted place I can go to; about the sublime joy of Paris in bad weather. And about a lot more.

What I write about in the newsletter

I began this newsletter in July of 2021. I was living and working in New Orleans. Since then, I’ve moved to a small town in rural Louisiana about three hours west of New Orleans. Completely new life. I mean completely. I’ve made quite a few trips to New York City in that time, where I lived contentedly for 35 years. So, I have quite a bit to write about.

To wit, a piece about a Carolina wren that wakes me up every morning here in the country. A piece about buying a new bathroom sink with my girlfriend, now wife, Gaywynn; about my encounter with a personal trainer; about teaching Gaywynn Yiddish; about our new dog. Read a few of these and see if you find something that delights you. Or at least entertains you. If so, please

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I'm the author of "French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France" and "A New York Memoir." I live in rural Louisiana. It's all new to me. "Fine writing from a great memoirist."—Nancy Harmon Jenkins