Sounds like the _Refusés_ were actually a lot more human and more interesting than some of the "cool" people that summer. I know which table I would have picked. Thanks for this story, Richard. You are ever so modest.

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Richard, Thank you for another beautiful essay. I have missed reading your work of late, immersed as I am in the Spalding MFA. My wife and I talk about doing a residence. But after reading your reflection, I am striking MacDowell from the list. Humility and inclusion appear to be strangers there, apart from your poet friend. God bless her. She inspires me always to look out for the refugees and befriend them. And, alas, there are far too many today. Thank you, again. Ken

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Watching Charles Payne on business channel:

Most famous mistakes in history:

Among them, Titanic Sinking, Russia sells Alaska (Seward’s Folly)

And last but not least:

You’ll love this:

J. K. Rowling rejected by 12 publishers !


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